Fossilized Coral Cuff

I have been holding onto this Indonesian fossilized coral piece for some time. I could have made it into a a big fatty statement pendant, but I would have preferred a more ‘free form’ shape for such a piece. Fossilized Coral Cuff Continue reading

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Holiday Season is Upon Us!

The day after Halloween I saw Christmas decor in a bike shop and I thought to myself- gee, it’s a little early, don’t you think?! But then it hit me, it’s NOVEMBER already! So, the onslaught of cheeky holiday adds and excessive consumerism is upon us.

If you’re not into the whole commercial holiday schpeel and prefer buying handmade, this is the post for you!

Thankfully Michigan is home to many talented artists and plenty of handmade abounds! Check out this Holiday Show Roundup by Dang Argyle with links to all sorts of local Michigan (or nearby Michigan) shows.

This year you will be able to find my work at the Lansing Art Gallery for their Holiday Exhibition running November 11 – December 23. I hope you will join me at the opening reception this Thursday November 13th from 5-8pm.

holidayevite(Bonus- I will be there with my husband and  our newborn Ian- hope to see you there!)

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Pebble Set Earrings

This is the new earring design I mentioned that I’ve been excited to share. Duo Continue reading

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Update: Imperial Jasper FINISHED

Well I was busy growing a baby, then haIMG_5543cving a baby, and now attending to a newborn so you haven’t heard much from me lately. BUT, I’m going to make an effort to update more often.

I have some new earrings that I’m pretty excited about and some other work to share. Thought I would start things off with this beauty.

I’m too enamored with this piece to give it up, so for now it will adorn my neck.

Continue reading

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Feeling Inspired: Imperial Jasper

Imperial JasperOh mama! This stone is so beautiful. I love the demeanor of jasper- layered and somewhat ethereal- can’t quite put a finger on what makes her so beautiful (at least to me).

Stay tuned to see what I have in store for her!

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Painting a forest

Some of you may know that Brian and I are expecting our baby boy at the end of September.

This has given me many excuses -I mean opportunities- to craft. I’m going to post an update when I finish the closet, but here is a sneak peak (NO the closet won’t have doors- I would not cover up so many hours of work!).

Each tree takes me over an hour. Brian drew the outline/widths of the trees & branches. All the bark is free handed by me (and a crafty sponge brush…a real brush may have been easier, but I didn’t have one skinny enough).

So far we love it. It feels warm, and best of all, magical!

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Amethyst Stalactite Flower & Agate Stalactite Slice

I made these two beauties in one very late night in my studio.

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A Custom Piece- Nature Inspired

Recently a friend (who shall remain anonymous- no spoilers here!) asked me to make a custom piece for his wife. He loved the color of the stones in my Chrysocola earrings (below)

because they reminded him of his wife’s beautiful eyes (and yes, this dude genuinely said that- we are dealing with the real McCoy here!). Continue reading

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One of those “Oh no!” moments

Photo from

I recently had a very friendly and (and very understanding) customer contact me about a necklace she purchased at the DUCF fair last weekend. Unfortunately, one of the jump-rings kept coming loose because it was too flexible.

For me, this bordered on horrifying because I pride myself on quality products, and want my customers to feel like they have purchased well-made jewelry. The jump rings in question were a new purchase (I usually make my own, but purchased some to use with some chain that was particularly fine).

My fear now is that other customers will run into this issue. If you (or someone you know) has this issue with something they purchased form me, please don’t hesitate to contact me ( I want to make things right! I’m happy to replace the jump-ring, or maybe for you it means a return- I’m happy to do either.

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Day 1- Turquoise Agate with Mixed Sterling Chain

This piece is stylistically very me- asymmetrical, mixed texture, and natural elements.

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